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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Notes in the Margin

A few readers have e-mailed me with various queries. Usually they’re historical or of a ‘general knowledge’ nature. I’ve been able to help some people – but some questions have me completely stumped! Can any readers of Kerrs Corner help me out here?

For instance, George (from Greenisland) wants to know how Greenisland got its name? Was it an island at one point?

Billy (from Larne) wants to know why do charities ask for used, franked, stamps? Why do they need them - and what do they do with them?

Finally, Jane (also from Larne) was told that various animals have been given medals during times of war. She wants to know what animals have been awarded with what. I know that a ships cat called Simon was awarded a Dickins Medal - the animal VC - on board HMS Amethyst for its bravery despite wounds during the Yangtze incident in 1949. Has anyone anymore details of this?

Do get in touch if you know the answer to any of the above – or if you've questions of your own. Just contact me at:


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