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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Around and About

A BRAND new feature in Wizard Ads is our Around and About travel feature page. Here we’ll be looking at various hotels, restaurants, theme parks and so on. Our team will visit these establishments and report back. This is sure to be a very popular feature. Therefore, we’ll also tag onto the Kerr’s Corner Blog site.

I’d appreciate any feedback on this travel section. Just e-mail:

Easyjet To Paris

RECENTLY, I'VE HEARD lots of horror stories about low cost airlines - especially easyJet. To date I've never had any serious problems with them. However, I must admit I had a few concerns about reports from work mates that easyJet fares had rocketed in price and that their service had gone downhill.

However, I found these reports to be completely wong. Booking in good time keeps the prices down and, as usual, I thought that easyJet staff were as friendly and accomodating as ever.

Four of us - two adults and two children - were travelling from Aldergrove to Charles de Gaulle airport on the outskirts of Paris. (Where we were then going to travel on to our final destination - Disneyland Paris). We arrived at Aldergrove with plenty of time to spare (check-in now opens two hours before your flight is due) and joined the easyJet queue. It was quite long - but as soon as they saw this, more staff came on duty to process everyone.

Our flight left bang on time and proved to be pleasent and hassel-free. Ninety minutes later we found ourselves at Charles de Gaulle airport. Here we were really impressed at the speed and efficiency of both the French passport control and baggage handlers. There was a quick check of our passports and by the time we'd reached the carousel it was carrying the first of our flight's luggage out!

Charles de Gaulle airport is modern, light and airy. It boasts four massive terminals. Everything is extremely well signposted in French and English. Once out of the terminal, the special coach to Disneyland is parked less than a minutes walk away. We bought our tickets, for two adults and two children, but wondered why the driver gave us odd looks. It was only some time afterwards that we discovered that in France, children are classed as being up to 11 years old. Our children were 12 and 14 - 'Adults' in France!

As one would expect, the coach from Charles de Gaulle was fairly modern. It had a massive luggage hold and reclining seats, complete with adjustable arms. Messages in French and English were broadcast on a TV and easy to understand printed timetables were readily available. We were glad that the coach had air-conditioning as it was a sweltering 25 degrees inside - 21 degrees outside - and this was on 30th October!

The coach takes some time to get out of Charles de Gualle airport as it picks up from each terminal building. Then it took 45 minutes to reach our final destination, the three star My Travel's Explorers Hotel at Disneyland Paris.

Find out more about Paris flights from their web-site


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