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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Carrick’s Bandstand

I’VE HAD a letter from Joy Kernohan with a query about old Carrick. Over to Joy, “My late father was brought up at Briarstown (alias Taylor’s Row), he was born in 1906. When he was about seven years of age he was in the Scotch Quarter of the town, he both watched and heard what he described as one of the first Jazz tunes he had ever heard. He hummed it to me but could not remember the words. According to my Dad the music was being played on a bandstand that jutted out into the water. He also described the spot as being nearly opposite where Joymount House is now, the bandstand being approximately where the memorial is at present.

“I have asked several people and looked at lots of old photos and so far no one can recall this bandstand. My Dad always had a great retentive memory and I would dearly love to see a photo of this and wonder if any of your readers can help”.

Can anyone help with this query? Do you have a photograph of this bandstand? If so, do please get in touch with me at


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