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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Entertainment - I Just Can't Help Believing

I Just Can’t Help Believing … how fantastic the Elvis Spectacular is!THE WATERFRONT HALL was the setting for Jim Brown’s ‘Elvis Spectacular’ – backed by the TCB band and the Sweet Sensations. Boy what a show!

The atmosphere reached fever pitch as Jim aka ‘The King’ took to the stage clad in his gold coloured jacket, to give a thrilling rendition of Elvis’ early hits. Houndog, Jailhouse Rock and King Creole were the songs that a young Elvis shook the world with back in the 50s. ‘the King’ then donned his GI uniform to perform his greatest hits from the 60s, most notably a mind blowing rendition of It’s Now or Never. Then we were taken throgh the leather-clad 68 Comback special era before Jim climbed into his jumpsuit to relive Elvis’ greatest live performances of the 70s.

Jim Brown and his backing bands, the TCB band and the three-girl Sweet Sensations give in ‘The Elvis Spectacular’ the greatest Elvis tribute act in the world today. Jim’s amazing voice has to be heard to be believed. His backing groups add so much to the event.

The compact theatre venue added to the occasion with its comfortable setting for all ages. Those present ranged from original 50’s rockers trough to thirty-somethings like myself, teenagers and the very young. The music of Elvis is loved across the complete age spectrum.
My seven-year-old went absolutely bonkers. He joined in when Jim performed one of his favourites, Mystery train/Tiger Man. A highlight for me was an unbelievable performance of How Great Thou Art, which brought the house down.

I caught up with Mervyn Boyd, the show’s musical director and dynamic promoter. Mervyn said that the show started as a one-off way back in 1977 to mark the twentieth anniversary of Elvis’s death. The show, however, has continued – by public demand! Mervyn promises more spectaculars to come. Watch this space for details!


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