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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tools For Solidarity – New Life For Your Unused Tools

OVER THE next few weeks you may have some reason to drop into the Belfast Central Library in Royal Avenue. If so, you can’t miss an exhibition organised by the Tools for Solidarity charity. TFS, based in Edenderry Mill on the Crumlin Road in North Belfast, seeks to offer practical aid to communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

TFS aims to provide the communities in question with basic tools and machines so that they can practise their skills and improve their quality of life. The partnership groups of artisans and vocational training centres in Tanzania and Uganda produce items for direct sale in the local community.

TFS sends eleven different types of toolkits covering everything from carpentry, blacksmithing, building and construction through to plumbing and horticulture. Their premises are open on the first Sunday of each month to the public so that anyone interested can come along to see what they are all about.

It’s probable that you have some tools lying around the house or your garden shed that you no longer use. Don’t let them rust away to uselessness. Give them to TFS who will refurbish them and give them a new and useful life among people who really need them.

You can also help by supporting the annual Belfast Reggae Society tribute to Bob Marley. The proceedings are hosted by Belfast’s well-known musical impresario, terry Hooley. All proceeds from the tribute go to Tools for Solidarity.

Find out more from or by ringing 028 90747473.


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