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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Alpha Memories

When I was growing up in Rathcoole in the Sixties, I often went to the Saturday afternoon matinees in our local cinema, the Alpha by the Diamond. These were often cowboy pictures.

My mother often told the story of taking me to see a cowboy film when I was around six or seven. The hero kissed his girl, much to my disgust. "He'll be kissing his horse next", I shouted out to my mums's embarassment and the laughs of many in the audience.

Sadly, the Alpha ceased to be a cinema in the Seventies and became a drinking club - The East Way Social Club. That club has moved to new purpose built premises and the old cinema has been demolished. I have no idea what is to happen to the vacant site. I'd be interested in any memories of the old Alpha cinema from older Rathcoole residents.


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