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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Travel Review - Disneyland Paris, Day One - Arrival

My Travels Explorers Hotel, 50 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs, 77700 Magny-Le-Hongre, France.

FOUR OF US - two adults and two children travelled to Disneyland Paris for a brief family holiday towards the end of October/early November. We travelled by easyJet from Aldergrove to Charles de Gaulle airport on the North East outskirts of Paris. A 45 minute door-to-door coach journey took us from the airport to our final destination - My Travels Explorers Hotel.
When we arrived at the Three Star Explorers Hotel, we were directed to the massive Reception area. Here the staff were very efficient, pleasant and friendly. They all spoke excellent English. A minimum of fuss and beaurocracy ensured a very quick check-in procedure. There were plenty of reception staff on duty and they also gave a brief outline of the hotel and details of the quickest route to our room. We were particularly impressed by the way children were catered for in the general reception area - cartoons were being shown on a big TV which kept the kids amused whilst their parents could check in.

Because a relative had travelled from England to join us we had booked a 'Crew Room'. This was really a family room with an adjoining room which could have comfotably slept six people. The Crew Room was a good size with more than adequate storage for of clothes and baggage. It also featured a separate toilet and bathroom. The bathroom also featured one of the hottest and most powerful showers we'd ever came across. If this didn't wake you up in the morning nothing would.

The 16 channel TV featured pay-to-view films, internet access and had a playstation facitily. Most programmes were in French, but you could pick up BBC News 24, MTV and Cartoon Network all of which were in English. The room also had a hair dryer and kettle in room. Our only dissapointment was the lack of the usual complimentary tea, coffee, sugar, milk and biscuits.

After unpacking, all five of us headed towards the main restaurant and bar area. This was located downstairs overlooking the large swimming pool. Although we were quite hungry, we didn't fancy a huge sit down meal. Therefore we visited Marco's Pizza Parlour. Here we chose our evening meal from a menu of around a dozen different types of pizzas, all of which are freshly prepared and baked on the spot. We can particularly reccommend their Vegetarian, Three Cheese, Margarita and Hawiaan pizzas. All were absolutely beautiful - very tasty and filling. The only drawback was the price, around 7.50 Euros each (about £5.00). We thought a Euro or two less would be more appropriate.

(Marco's also employed an ingenious method of serving up their food. Once our pizzas were ready they wrote our hotel door number on a blackboard and rang a ships bell. This ensured that there were no long queues of people waiting for their order).

To get our drinks we didn't have to travel to far, as the Travellers Cafe Bar is situated right next to Marco's. It serves many different types of beers, cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), wines, spirits and soft drinks. If booze isn't your thing, you can also get hold of a cup of tea or coffee. Unfortunatley when we visted it there was only one member of staff behind the bar. This led to a large queue forming. Nevertheless she was very efficient, calm and pleasant. She made up our order in no time.

After some time relaxing in the restaurant/bar area, we spent the next hour or so exploring the hotel and its grounds - and the hotel next to ours! We then returned to our Crew Room and within minutes we were all snoring our heads off in our very comfortable beds! Day one of our Disneyland Paris adventure was well and truely over.
To find out more about the Explorers Hotel check out their web-site:


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