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Friday, May 26, 2006

Under the Weight of This - Shane

Browsing in Terri Hooley's Phoenix Records the other day I ran
into Pete Cunnah, formerly of D:Ream who is now fronting a new
band, Shane.

Shane's new single 'Under the Weight of This' has already had
a bit of airplay on local radio stations. Pete himself has
been on the air with George Jones and Johhny Hero.

It's good to see that local talent is not just confined to the
likes of van Morrison, the Undertones or Snow Patrol. Artists
like Pete who are often written off or forgotten can see their
critics off. This fine single proves it. The CD single - on
the Breakfast lable - is available from Phoenix Records in the
haymarket Arcade in Royal Avenue, the Gramaphone shop facing
the City Hall, or online directly from the band.

Check out the band on their website, for
more details. You read it here first!


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