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Friday, August 25, 2006

Classic Movies In Belfast

After the last issue of Kerr’s Corner I was shocked to hear from my nephew that he had never watched any old black and white films. Although something of a movie buff, he has never seen the likes of Casablanca, Brief Encounter or The Day the Earth Stood Still. This is a great shame as many of these films can be seen or television from time to time and most are available on DVD.

In Belfast, it’s possible to pick up classic movies on DVD and some on VHS in a few places. Energy Records in the High Park Centre in High Street specialises in hard-to -find titles and also carries a range of North American Region 1 imports, but it can be expensive. Gemini Video in the Haymarket at the corner of Royal Avenue and North Street offers a lot of variety, especially for fans of John Wayne and for the range of Fox Studio Classics. These shops are tiny in comparison to the corporate behemoths of HMV and Virgin, but you’re much more likely to pick up a classic film in one. Check them out and don’t forget to say that Kerr’s Corner sent you.


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