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Friday, September 22, 2006

Alan Rickman & Sigourny Weaver Exclusive!

IN THE last issue of The Wizard we featured an exclusive review of Snow Cake, a fantastic new film featuring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. (The film is a drama focused on the friendship between a high-functioning autistic woman – Weaver – and a man – Rickman – who is traumatised after a fatal car accident).

Sadly, it looks like the film will not be on general release in Ulster, but there’s a whisper that it may be shown at the Queens Film Theatre (Belfast) in early October. In the meantime, why not take another look at our exclusive review at: Readers of

The Wizard might like to lobby the cinema chains here to ask them to show the film. Why not write to the manager of your local cinema and ask them to show it in their theatres?

Our Snow Cake review was not our first showbiz exclusive. In December last year, we brought the exclusive news that The Elvis Spectacular show was coming to Carrickfergus in March 2006. This turned out to be a brilliant show. (By the way, the word is that The King, aka Jim Brown, will make a comeback special appearance in the borough on March 16th 2007). And in May of this year we brought you exclusive news of Pete Cunnah (formerly of D:Ream) who was promoting his new band – Shane – and his new single, Under the Weight of This. We beat the establishment media by at least a week to bring you all of these exclusives. So don’t forget, if you’re interested in entertainment and showbiz news, you’ll likely to read it in The Wizard first!


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