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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thank You

MANY THANKS to all those who wrote, telephoned or spoke to me personally to pass on their sympathy on hearing of the recent death of my dad, Tommy Kerr. Thanks especially to those who were moved by my piece in the last Kerr’s Corner.

Typical is this e-mail from Tommy Thompson from LOL 533. “I had not heard, so when I saw the article in The Wizard it was with great sadness. I have known Tommy for a lot of years, through the Orange and Black. I can say that many a time he put the young ones to shame. Tommy has always carried the greatest respect from all that have known him. I now wish you and the family circle GOD’S BLESSING and peace, love and harmony throughout the rest of your lives. Many thanks for the article.”

Thanks Tommy. I don’t know you, but I’m delighted to hear from you. Thanks also to those who made donations to the Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke Association and the Orange Widows Fund in his memory. This has been a difficult time for my sisters and me and the rest of the wider family circle, so we appreciate all your kind words, thoughts and prayers.


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