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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gig Review – Carrick in (Bohemian) Rhapsody

FLASH HARRY – Ulster’s hugely popular Queen tribute band – had a successful return visit to the Clarion Hotel in Carrickfergus last month. In an exclusive interview with the Carrickfergus edition of The Wizard, lead singer Harry Hamilton told me that he and the lads were looking forward to a terrific gig as they had a great bunch of fans in the borough.

This certainly turned out to be true. The Carrick crowd didn’t disappoint him. The eager audience had been waiting for over two hours before the band took to the stage. Every seat in the auditorium was taken. Much to the thirsty crowd’s relief, early problems with the bar were soon overcame when reinforcements arrived from the main hotel. These good folk were kept on the go as the DJ played a good selection of music and the buzz of excitement began to mount.

Suddenly a roar of appreciation went up from the crowd as the first bars from the Flash Gordon theme heralded Flash Harry’s entrance on stage. That was the end of idle chit-chat as the band launched into We Will Rock You. This was more than just an introductory song. It was a promise from the band for the rest of the night; a promise they more than made good! Harry Hamilton was a dead ringer for the late, great, Freddie Mercury – a look-alike and a sound-alike. The superb guitar riffs in the band’s rendition of One Vision were worthy of the great Brian May himself. It’s no wonder that the official Queen Fan Club in the UK invited the band to provide the entertainment at their celebrations for what would been Freddie’s sixtieth birthday.

The Great Pretender and the classic hit Bohemian Rhapsody brought out a large degree of audience participation. All over the hall, people were joining in the choruses. Me too! There were so many seats and tables that there was very little room for dancing, but many determined fans found enough space for their needs. The lead singer went through three changes of costume, played for over two and a half hours and came back for an encore.
The applause was loud and long. Nobody wanted to go home. Everyone had a great time. This was pure entertainment at its best.

If you’re sorry you missed them or want to see them again you can check out the band’s website for future gigs. The next big one is early in the new year in the Waterfront Hall. Don’t miss it!
Reviewed by David Kerr.


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