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Friday, January 12, 2007

Film Review - Casino Royale

144 min Colour: Black and White / Colour Certificate:12A

QUITE A CONTROVERSY erupted prior to the release of Casino Royale when it was announced that Daniel Craig was to take over the role of James Bond. It didn’t upset me too much as I had never heard of him!

No matter. The naysayers have been confounded. Daniel Craig is James Bond. His reinvention of the character makes him the best Bond since Sean Connery first dazzled us back in the Sixties. He has brought new life into what was starting to become a tired old format.

There’s a break in continuity from the old films. Bond is a newly qualified 00... status agent. It’s strong plot shows us where Bond came from and how he smoothed away some of his rough edges. I’m quite surprised that this film got away with a 12A certificate as there is a lot of brutal violence in its action scenes and one torture scene. Even the not very likely free running chase is spectacular but believable because you get the idea that this really is kill or be killed stuff.

It’s got a real feel of danger to it that finally breaks away from the irritating cartoonish style of Roger Moore and all the gimmicky Sci-Fi gadgets that used to distract from the storyline. This is a real new beginning for James Bond that deserves the acclaim it has received. More of this please!

One caveat, though. Sony Entertainment made this film and have done their best to see that everyone uses Sony equipment. Everyone uses Sony Vaio computers. Everyone - heroes and villains alike - uses Sony Ericcson mobile phones. Just a bit too much product placement for me.

David Kerr


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